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Name ZodApps
Package Name com.zodbroadcasterapp
Category Tools  
Version 6.0.0
Size 38.4 MB
Last Updated February 25, 2024

Hello, precious viewers today we are going to talk about an app known as ZodApps. We all know business and trading have always been a part of our daily life. Not only this but our survival depends on the trading system. Trading has been a very essential part of our lives since the times when the Barter system was first created and used. Zodapp is a kind of business app that helps people to understand business and all techniques used in the business to gain profit and minimize loss by teaching you through digital ways. In this article, we will give you information bout Zodapp so keep reading it if you want to know more about it.

Technology has always been playing a vital role in making our lives easy. As you already know that everything today has become a part of the digital business including online banking, Bill payments, Online shopping, Bookstores, etc. ZozApp is for those people who are trying to promote their business through different social media platforms. This app makes you capable to run your business or use it for personal purposes by sitting anywhere at a time. This app matches social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc in so many ways because of its similar features but it has so many other beneficial uses like creating your business platform or guiding others through it, or seeking help related to business through this platform.

What is ZodApps?

It is a digitalized business app that helps and encourages thousands of people to earn a good income by using their social media existence in positive ways. This app is a kind of official business app where people do not come for entertainment or chit-chat. People connect to people for work purposes and here you can offer jobs to others or search and find a job for yourself. This app was made available in the market last year in July. By using this amazing app people learn to expand their business, gain profit, gain customers and minimize the loss o their business. Not only this you meet experienced people on this app and learn different useful business techniques.

What are the key features of ZodApps?

  • Digitilized learning
  • Meet new people
  • Chat regarding official affairs
  • Find new jobs
  • Analyze trending products in the market
  • Make your small business grow
  • Gain customers by using this app
  • Learn to get maximum profits
  • Minimize the loss
  • offer jobs
  • Share ideas
  • Make posts
  • Like and comment on other’s posts
  • seek digital terms and technology-related information
  • Light weight app
  • Safe and secure
  • No third party involved
  • No ads


ZodApps is a digitalized social media platform made for work purposes. As you have already gone through all the features and characteristics related to this app. So either if you are a business and e-commerce student or a newly opened business owner this app will be beneficial for you in so many ways. Not only this if you are a student or degree holder you can search all types of jobs for you here. But let me advise you that beware of online frauds, Don’t transact money unless you have your reasons, and always meet people in public places and make sure you are safe.

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