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Name Rapelay
Package Name mob.play.rflx
Category Role Playing  
Version 10.8
Size 6.3 MB
Last Updated May 24, 2024

If you a lover of erotic games and went downloaded the best erotic game with a variety of features? If yes, then here are the right landing. It is the most playable game in Japan. Look like Rapelay. It is a Japanese erotic game and is very famous in Japan. The game is initially released in 2016 in Japan for the computer. In the modern world, this game was developed and converted from PC to smartphones.

It is a controversial game for the obvious. It is a mechanics game and very popular. it offers to play the game at high value by resolving the game with a simple one-point click. The game has endings and multiple apart from your choice. You can complete the game in 20 minutes with your players.

Rapelay APK is the new converted video game. the game has been converted from a PC version to an Android. Anyway, this game is now available here to download. You can download this game on your smartphone or tablet device free of cost. It is very easy to download you can download this game’s latest version on your Android phone. After downloading and installation process you can see on it, that there are many characters. All the characters you can take to play roles.

Moreover, all the characters in this game are attractive. you can take a role such as Mother, Father, and also a daughter. APKMond after doing the research about this game then the website team decided to publish this game for users. however, if say about this game’s features then there are several features that we are collected in the following.

What is Rapelay?

It is an erotic game that you can play on your android operating system with a variety of amazing features easily. This is a video game that was released in Japan by the company illusion on 28 October 2006. It was this game played on the computer system. But now this game is released for smartphone and tablet devices. This game interacts with the players as most of the duration considered of the video click in animated.

There are smaller scenes and all of them are interactive. In the second, scene the player can control the actions of the mother and her daughters. There are amazing features which include weapons and tools. The player of this game is able to take the role of Kazuhiko and objective the progress of the story of the game.

Features of Rapelay:

  • It supports all types of smartphones.
  • High-quality graphics and best grounds.
  • Multiple roles are able to be playable.
  • Mother role, Male role, and daughter role.
  • Getable the latest version to download.
  • Amazing erotic game for all Android users.
  • Free of cost to download and easy to manage.
  • Simple and UI design to understand the game.
  • A variety of weapons is available to use as well.
  • Much more features are available for the users.


Now just download Rapelay APK latest version for Android. It is the best and most popular Japanese game. now you can get this game on your Android phone. Since you don’t need anything to get this video game. it supports all types of smartphones and tablet devices. All the features of this game are totally free of cost that can use during playing the game.

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