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Name Whatsapp Black Gold
Category Communication  
Version 36.00
Size 78.8 MB
Last Updated February 24, 2024

Hello world let us know about WhatsApp Black Gold today. It emerges as a modified version of the popular messaging app, offering users a customizable experience beyond the traditional WhatsApp interface. This WhatsApp MOD not only allows users to tweak various graphical elements of the classic interface. However, it also introduces additional features aimed at enhancing user convenience and personalization. In this article, we look into the unique characteristics of this application. As we explore its added functionalities and potential benefits for users seeking a more tailored messaging experience.

WhatsApp Black Gold is in the front line for its ability to provide users with a heightened level of customization for their messaging platform. Beyond the standard WhatsApp features, this MOD introduces an array of extra functionalities. They include automatic message replies, message scheduling, advanced privacy features, and support for multiple accounts. Everybody needs a reliable and time-saving application to be facilitated nowadays. The interface customization is further elevated with diverse theme options. Indeed, FMWhatsApp is a good app that provides smooth features for customization just like this app. That’s why the utilization is more attractive than other apps.

What is WhatsApp Black Gold?

This WhatsApp is more interesting and loveable because of several features attached to it. For instance, a selection of icons for both notifications and the app itself. It allows users to infuse their style into their messaging experience. Additionally, it offers unique icons, including those representing soccer team crests, providing a touch of individuality to the app’s visual elements. I think this is the first and fine alternative to the real WhatsApp so far. Many people have written reviews and admired this with a star rating.

What are the features?

Automatic Message Reply

Users can benefit from the convenience of automatic message replies, streamlining communication when they are unable to respond immediately. It is indeed a time-saving facility you can have by using this simply on your phone.

Message Sending Programming

The feature of scheduling messages allows users to plan and automate the sending of messages, enhancing the efficiency of communication. If you feel that you are not going to have time after certain hours you have to text someone. In this situation, you can schedule your text and it will be automatically sent to the selected person.

Advanced Privacy Features

WhatsApp Black Gold introduces advanced privacy options. It is giving users more control over who sees their online status, last seen, and other personal information. You will see the message however, the seen icon will still look unseen and that’s great.

Multi-Account Support

Users can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts within the same app, catering to those who need separate accounts for various purposes. Don’t worry about having several phone numbers or multiple WhatsApp accounts. It will solve your every problem.

Customizable Interface Themes

The app offers a variety of themes, enabling users to personalize the visual aesthetics of their messaging platform according to their preferences. Currently, WhatsApp has just one theme that can be a source of boredom for many. Yes, this is special because you can change themes according to your mood and needs.

Distinct Icons for Notifications

Different notification icons contribute to a visually distinct experience, allowing users to identify and differentiate messages more easily. You are going to receive separate icons for different kinds of notifications. Set according to your priority based on what suits you the best.

Unique App Icons

The inclusion of diverse icons, including soccer team crests, adds a unique touch. It allows users to express their interests and affiliations through the app’s visual representation. The more it attracts you the more visual the app will be.

What are the Pros and cons of Whatsapp Black Gold?


  • This app provides a level of customization beyond the standard WhatsApp, allowing users to tailor their messaging experience.
  • The MOD introduces extra features such as automatic replies, message scheduling, and advanced privacy settings, enhancing user convenience.
  • Unique icons and themes enable users to express their personality and interests through the app’s visual elements.
  • WhatsApp Black Gold extends the functionality of the traditional WhatsApp application, offering features such as message scheduling and automatic replies. This expanded functionality can streamline communication and make the app more versatile.
  • The introduction of advanced privacy features allows users to exert more control over their digital presence. This can be especially appealing for those who value a heightened level of privacy in their messaging interactions.


  • MOD versions of apps may pose security risks, as they are not officially endorsed or verified by the original app developers.
  • Since it’s a modified version, users may miss out on official updates and support from WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Black Gold presents an intriguing alternative for users seeking a more personalized and feature-rich messaging experience. There are very few applications that are working more finely as an alternative to any original app. While the added functionalities and customization options are appealing, users should exercise caution regarding potential security risks associated with modified versions. In counting the benefits against the drawbacks. One must decide whether the enhanced features and customization offered by Abu3rab align with their preferences and priorities. You are going to enjoy this a lot with this application.

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