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Name Uno
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Category Card  
Version 1.12.9182
Size 358.5 MB
Last Updated May 21, 2024

Enjoy the ultimate way to play the classic card game with friends and family, no matter where you are. It provides a seamless gaming experience across all mobile devices with an easy setup and intuitive interface. Players can join online or offline games anytime, making it perfect for those long drives or when you need to kill some time while on the go. It’s simple rules and colorful visuals will surely bring hours of fun for both young and old alike. Get ready to shout “UNO!” anytime, anywhere!

Unlock new decks for an even more exciting gaming experience. Track your progress with global leaderboards and compete against the best players worldwide. Earn coins while playing to unlock extra features and bonuses. Interact with players in real real-time chat options and emoji support. Experience realistic sound effects and stunning visuals that bring the game to life. Juwa is the fashion nowadays to collect huge online games.

What is UNO APK?

 Play an exciting and easy-to-use card game that is perfect for playing with friends and family. This app offers endless gaming fun with a range of features and options. Here are just some of the main features Enjoy classic gameplay with familiar rules and cards. Connect with friends, family, or other players worldwide for head-to-head games. Create a unique game experience by customizing rules to your preferences. Experience different versions, such as Wild Draw Four and seven-zero.

What are the key features:

Achievements & Challenges:

Unlock achievements and complete challenges for even more rewards.

Regular Updates & Events:

Enjoy regular updates and special events for fresh gaming experiences.

Cross-Platform Play: Access your game across multiple devices for seamless play anytime, anywhere!

With games available on mobile devices, you can now enjoy a classic card game no matter where you go! Download the app today and have fun challenging your friends, family, or other players in an exciting game. All you need for a thrilling gaming experience is the app. Get started now and get ready to show off your card-playing skills!


It is a much-loved classic that has entertained people worldwide for decades. Now you can enjoy this fun and exciting game anytime, anywhere! Download it now to experience fast-paced action, intense strategy, and plenty of laughs. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, it will become your favorite card game in no time. So, get ready for an incredible Uno experience – download it today and start the fun!


Q1: What is app gameplay?

A1: A free Android application that allows you to play the classic card game with your friends. You can join online games, start your private ones, and challenge other players worldwide. It’s a great way to have fun, test your skills and enjoy the classic game with friends.

Q2: How can I join an online game?

A2: Joining an online game is easy! All you need to do is access the “Join Game” section in the app, find a match that suits your preferences, and enter the game code before you start playing.

Q3: How do I connect with my friends in the app?

A3: Connecting with your friends is so easy. First, you need to register with the app and create an account. Then invite your friends by email or through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Once they accept the invitation, you can join each other’s games or create private ones for just the two of you! Enjoy!

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