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Name Trung Thai
Category Tools  
Version 1.0.42
Size 101 MB
Last Updated February 24, 2024

CODM stands for Call of Duty Mobile. It is a combat action game with millions of active players. CODM has been a trending game for years now. But premium tools are unlocked here on our site. Because of third-party tools, your users are interested in the game. Premium tools are expensive to buy all the players cannot afford to buy premium tools. Hence Trung Thai Injector is a very popular app version for gamers.

Players always looking for new tools and tricks about CODM. Without this tool, users cannot play the game. It is difficult to play the game without proper tools. Besides tools skills are also important for games to earn a victory over any opponent. There is a very high demand for CODM tools with real properties. There is a very small supply with huge demand get to register yourself the first time. Avail of it for free now. Hence, the Evo Injector is the alternative app to this app for adding the different Maps and Skins in the Call of Duty Mobile game.

What is Trung Thai?

Trung Thai is a newly introduced popular tool. Users want to get diamonds from the game. But it is not so easy to get free diamonds. This app made it possible that now you can get free diamonds from the game with the help of this app. This app is famous for its premium unlocked features. These premium tools are out of poor players’ reach so they want to avail of free tools. Here is what you guys looking for. Generally, new gamers cannot afford to lose all the battles. They found themselves weak against professional gamers. If you want to tackle and give them a hard challenge you need this kind of premium unlocked CODM tools.

This injector has a very unique set-up of features that are going to boost your gaming rankings. All gamers want to boost their gaming accounts. It will upgrade your rankings as well. A pure and purposeful app with so many qualities is very rare in the market. Developments on this app are highly appreciated. Because the security and user interface of this app is on the next level. It is safe and secure to use. Generate thousands of free diamonds with the help of this app. Smash your opponents while using its free tools. As we all know without proper tools players face loss and sometimes they disappoint and leave the game early.

What are the features?

Unlocked skins: Get unlocked skins and costumes from this app. Here you will get many types of skins. Mag skins, tanker skins, fighter skins, and many more to come. Actually, these types of skins are paid items but here you will get them for free.

Free Diamonds: Free diamonds are another thundered and most wonderful feature. Diamonds are used to get tools in the game. If you have more diamonds you will receive more tools availing options.

Fast and smooth: Users always complain about the working and speed of an injector. Now you will experience the bullet speed working process of this app.

ABC files: Like skins and diamonds ABC files are also a top need of users.

Secure to use: This app is indeed secure to use. Confirmed by developers that this app is perfectly legal to use.

No errors: errors make using an app difficult. Users never want to use those tools. This app is error-free with pure working.

Skins update: Users now request to update the skins they are using.

How to download Trung Thai?

The process of downloading and installation of the app is very easy. As it is free to download the app. Follow the below steps to download this file.

  • Download now from the download button.
  • Allow permissions for third-party apps from mobile settings.
  • Install now.
  • Done.


Trung Thai is a fine tool for users. If you are looking for a helping hand tool for CODM this is the one you are looking for. It is an Android app for all Android users. Many users choose CODM as a standard game to play. But it is not easy to play without proper tools. So download this app now to get rid of defeats.

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