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Name Training Slayer
Package Name training.slayer
Category Role Playing  
Version 55.1
Size 288.3 MB
Last Updated April 16, 2024

A new and unique design video game comes with an adult theme for the players. Training Slayer is a video game that provides you with adult themes to play with including the demon Slayer. There are multiple characters for Android game lovers. The main character of this video game is a lady character. The game is developed by developers to make the most affected lady slayer that is available in the game to take the role of female. However, the game gained the most popularity from other similar games.

Training Slayer Mod APK session 4 developed by BOKUNDEW and release date May 2023. Officially this game was released on 27 OCT 2023 for Android phones. The game will be played on only Android devices. There are tons of resources to play the game without buffers and lag. Also, there are no limitations to use the resources of the game. The game was developed by an adult-themed Android with female characters. The game is full of adventures for the players. Moreover, the players can use this game without limitation sources to make their game more adventurous and enjoyable. The good thing about this game is that is packed with entertainment.

What is Training Slayer?

Basically, it is an Android-themed game with adventure plus entertainment to play. Inside, the game players can be able to play this game with a multiplayer feature. As a result, you can send an invite to your friends to join this to play together. Besides, the gameplay of this game is also interesting including Playgrounds, battles, and different lands. You can explore each word and land. The lands contain Snowfall, rain, and sunny in each battle. The more about this game, it allows you to play the game with the lady character.

Furthermore, Training Slayer Session 4 APK has the unique and latest elements for the players. It allows you to use the newly added features in the easiest way. As a player, you can join this game to make your Android gaming experience better. Because there are multiple interesting features and characters. Inside, the game you can fight against your opponents with this game offering weapons and different items to defeat your enemies. When you download this game’s latest session from our website you have many opportunities to climb up to the next levels.

What are the features?

You will be able to enjoy the Training Slayer’s immersive visuals and the best audio quality. High-definition visuals that the complete player universe. It involves Killing highly profitable bosses and monsters on tasks to make money for players. In this game, you need to kill the Cerberus, Abyssal Sire, Hellhounds, demonic gorillas, and blue dragons to make a lot of game money.

  • Make money by killing the bosses.
  • They’re by far one of the money-makers in Eleanor.
  • Tasks make banks such as Brutal Black Dragons instead.
  • You can use money are Kona and Criteria from Slayer Masers.
  • Play the game with multiplayer both Gotta the same task.
  • Support only skill from the Slayer is a member.
  • Slayer players experience with killing the assigned monster grants.
  • The strongest demon slayer available with named Yorichi Tsugikuni.


The Training Slayer allows you to use the Menu that is present in your profile in the game. However, if you want to find the Daki then you have several things, first way you can easily increase your fame to 30 and then you can encounter it here when you hunt for demons. Moreover, in the other way, you can unlock it here in the mod menu that is aware of all K KW for now too.

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