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Name Tag After School
Category Puzzle  
Version 9.8
Size 93 MB
Last Updated February 24, 2024

Tag After School is an Android mobile-based game for those people who want to play the game with the essence of terror. It puts the shoes of a Japanese school young Japanese schoolboy. You are able to play this with Shata-Kun a shy Boy. It has horrific visuals that will chill the cute schoolboy. The creepy is explored in the different arenas. Here you need to save yourself and find out your problem’s solution. In which the players need to help them to make the correct decisions for the Young boy. The game is suitable for children. This game is about Shota-Kun and is for Android Users.

The Tag After School APK is the Shota-Kun area of participating in great activities outside of School time. He has no option to select but they interface his fears facility. The players need to help them the right decisions and judgments. It is targeted to the Japanese school because the developers pick the role of a Young boy from a Japanese school.

There are very exciting storylines of the game that will be explored in the summary of the game at the bottom of this post. Players need to save the Young Boy from the Ghost. Because the Young Girl challenges the to boy spend his time in night school. inside, the nighttime is a very difficult task to spend. But the game allows you to use different weapons and items to save your Young Boy from the Ghost. Hence, it is an outstanding game that is similar to the Supertype, however, this game is under the category of Puzzle.

What is Tag After School?

It is a Japanese Young Schoolboy that picks the role of Yong Schoolboy of a Japanese school. The developers pick the role of a schoolboy. However, this game is based on Shota-Kun. Initially, the game will be played by multiple players. You can invite your friends to play the game to do the missions of the game. Therefore, there are many characters for the players. Inside, the different areas of the game, where the game will be played. Moreover, each player takes the place of a Japanese school. Hence, the game is helping based also, because there you need to help the Japanese schoolboy.

Tag After School APK Latest Version has many new added features for the players to play with extra power. Besides, players can take advantage of its features. Once you play the game inside, then the players can easily help the Japanese schoolboy. The Young boy from a Japanese School is fully depressed by his fears. It is your task to agree with the Schoolboy to continue the study once again. Once the Young boy agrees to school then your tasks will be played. However, there are multiple features of the game that are outstanding. So the features of the game are given below.

What are the features?

  • The game will be downloaded freely.
  • The installation process is easy for you.
  • Shota-Kun features are available in the game.
  • Multiple players can play the game at a time.
  • It has a good environment with the land.
  • Different types of areas and places.
  • The multiple characters for the players.
  • The game has good 3D Graphics.
  • Smooth game control to the players.
  • Easy to navigate for each player.
  • Unique design with visual style.
  • Outstanding gameplay in-game.
  • Good collection of storylines.

Above are the features of this game. Inside, I talk to you It is a Japanese game which the developers pick the role of Japanese Yung Schoolboy, But you can implement this game in any area. Because there are many different areas to play the game with many characters. Players can also take the place of Japanese Schools in the game to play.


It is a summary that is Tag After School games for Android. It is an awesome game that puts the shoes of a Young Schoolboy in a Japanese school. The storyline of this game is a girl challenges a Young Boy to spend the night time in the School. But the boy did not agree to spend the time in school. Because of their fears and peers, the boy was forced to be involved in different activities.

At last, the Young Schoolboy agreed to spend his time at night at School. Enhance, the players need to help them in the night at school in the game. Also, you can force the boy to study in the school. however, the same time will be spent in the night at school then the ghosts come into the school. so be careful of the ghosts.

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