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Name Remote 1
Category Tools  
Version 2024
Size 28 MB
Last Updated February 24, 2024

Remote 1 is the Android Application that comes with the APK File. It is useful to bypass the Factory reset protection from Android Phones. However, this application is comfortable for Android Mobiles. The users of this most popular application can be used to bypass their FRP locks from their phones. If you lose your password or Pins etc., then you need to try this app on your mobile phone to remove them directly. It is usually used to Unlock the lock passwords from Android Mobile Phones. Users can take advantage of this app to remove their passwords.

Therefore, there is no need for a PC. Because the app can be used without any personal computer Operating system. Hence, the app is the most popular with its providing removal FRP facilities to its users. Moreover, users can apply this app at that times when they need to hard reset their phone. The app allows you to hard reset your phone directly. But you need to download and install this tool on your Mobile Phone. Hence, the app offers you to get the VnROM Bypass features that are most and very popular in Asian countries.

Remote 1 APK is the trending Application that offers you use a variety of FRP Features to bypass the FRP Locks. This is a good app for these people they went to fully and hard reset their phones from their Mobile. The application will be used on Only Android Mobile phones. To get a fast result you need to enable its FRP Protect section. You all of need to install the App on the other mobile and simply connect your Mobile Remote 1 App Mobile which is other. So after that use the App to remove passwords from your Phone.

What is Remote 1?

The app is new in the market place like our website. here you are able to download this FRP Tool APK File for Android. Hence, the application is very simple to use. this app helps you can easily Bypass your Factory Reset Protection (FRP) from your Mobile. Since the app when comes into the market then it is was wonderful and it works on the user’s requirements. Because it was designed with many features and a User interface. the users of this application can easily get it on their mobile phones. There is an official download link to download this tool. There are many apps available in the marketplace where the maximum download links are fake. But you know that we always provide you with workable download links for your APK Files.

Anyway, Remote 1 APK will be used to hard reset any Android 5+ Devices with ease, so take the app to remove FRP. Besides, there are no requirements to download the tool on your mobile phone. Because it is freeware too for all Android users. Inside, the users can download this app to remove the Pins, Patterns, Passwords, Face Looks, and Passcode. It is a very helpful application to remove all the locks from Android devices. Enhancement, the tool will provide a one-click to remove locks. To take the tool to get a lot of advantages of this application on your Mobile phones.

What are the features?

  • This tool is free of cost to download.
  • It can be used on Android 5+ devices.
  • The app you can use to Remove FRP.
  • There is no need to register.
  • Without a PC are needs to use this tool.
  • The tool has a User-friendly interface.
  • Simple and easy to use and UI Design.
  • Small size application to download.
  • No errors and bugs-free tool with APK.


Remote 1 APK All In One FRP Tool for Android Mobile Phones where you can use the FRP Remove feature. Besides, can use the multiple features of this tool to remove the Factory Reset protections from your Mobile. The tool has good features with free utilization systems. However, users can download the tool to remove all locks from their Mobile phones. Because this tool has the capacity to remove all FRP Locks from the phones. Enhance, the users also can download the needed features from the tool directly.

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