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Name PRMovies
Package Name com.offshore.pikachu
Category Entertainment  
Version 2.1
Size 17.2 MB
Last Updated February 26, 2024

Nowadays world forward to the modern. Once a time was everything physical but this time is the internet. Where you can do everything that you want. Similarly, watching cinema is a hobby and part of our daily life. Before smartphones, people went gone cinemas to watch movies and films. But after landing the smartphone and modern technology you don’t need to go to any cinema to watch movies. Yet, PRMovies is the top-rated app that allows you to watch your cinemas on your smartphone. In this article, we will show you the benefits and features of this app.

Hence, people like to watch the latest movies, films, and TV Shows. Indeed, people love to watch cartoons, Funny clips, and comedian shorts on their phones. All the package of these things is now available in the PRMovies. It allows you to watch the online video content for free. It is an all-in-one package for content lovers. The app allows you to stream 240000 plus TV networks that include cartoons, TV channels, and Sports channels for free of cost.

Inside, the app you will be able to stream the largest collection of TV shows, Movies, films, and cartoons on your smartphone. There are many kinds of online content to the users that can be watched on your phone through this app. Hence, the Goku. Tu is an alternative option on your hands to watch the streaming movies and the latest movies. Well, the app allows you to watch the Big Boss Show live.

What is PRMovies?

It is an online streaming application that is developed by FlixTV. The app’s aim is that it will provide you to watch tons of TV channels including streams and live. Indeed, this application has amazing features for users that will be utilized to watch movies and films. The good thing about this app it gives you free access to cartoons and premium movies. On it, everything will be watched that you want to watch on your phone for free. It has a big collection of radio channels and Televisions.

PRMovies App is a wonderful platform where you can download your all-time favorite movies and films for free. However, the application has two main parts that’s one is watching content online, and 2nd is offline. There are two major factors that will make the app more powerful. The first factor is this app allows you to watch the reels and 2nd factor the app allows you to stream tons of online channels on your phone for free. Inside, the app you will be able to watch the given below features.

What are the features?

This application features you will be able to make your online streaming content better. Besides, you can optimize the following features in the app to enjoy the full of fun and entertainment.


If you are landing here to get the movies app then this application’s Movies feature is only for you. This feature helps you collect a variety and interesting movies on your phone to watch for free of cost.

TV Shows

This application has a collection of several TV Shows that you can watch in the app without paying any amount from your pocket. Hence, this feature is available in the app’s main menu.

Streaming TV Channels

PRMovies is also a streaming TV channel that allows you to stream 24000 plus TV channels on your smart device to watch. Indeed, this feature is the top feature of this app that you can optimize in the app at your fingertips.

ULLU original

This ULLU original is the wonderful feature of this app that has the Bucket List 2023, Bucket List 2024 season part 1, and Season Part 2 to watch for free.

No register

There is no need to register yourself into the app to use the app. You just need to download this app on your smartphone and start watching movies, TV shows, and Films for free of cost.


PRMovies APK is an amazing app for watching Movies, Films, TV Shows, Radio, TV networks, and News, and streaming 24000 Sports and TV channels for free. The app is also used to download movies and films that are released from Bollywood and Tollywood. Besides, this application is also known as Best Downloader for movies to download. So get the app and grab the golden chance to watch online video content for free.

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