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Name Pinkymaster
Package Name com.kitkagames.fallbuddies
Category Tools  
Version 0.75
Size 183.1 MB
Last Updated July 11, 2024

Pinkymaster is a great utility app that lets you enjoy the Stumble Guys APK premium features for free. The app allows you to survive in the game from start to end. You will stand against your opponents. However, this modified version will allow you to use swimming, hummers, rotating saws, and move platforms on the game. However, with app helps you get the high jumping skills according to your needs. The app allows you to control the whole game in single steps. The app comes with many features to use for free.

In Stumble Guys 32 competitors play the game against you. To defeat these competitors you can take the help of Pinkymaster. In reality, it is the masterpiece app for all those stumble guys’ players who want to enjoy the game while defeating their enemies. Through it, players can get the characters to their hero. Also getable weapons, skins, outfits, clothing, and headgear for free use. The app is full of manners that allow showcase your sense according to your style. The app allows you to move navigate obstacles and endure for a long time of terms. Overall all the players in the lobby in this modified version start playing the game.

What is Pinkymaster Stumble Guys?

This is a modified app that lets you start the Stumble Guys game with additional power. This app aims to create for those players that are beginner of the game and can’t survive in the game for a long time. Even this app can be useful for every player of the game. Because it has the different features of the game that are paid in the original game. Well, it allows you to use the Maps, drone views, and effects to play the game at a professional level.

Pinkymaster is the latest modified version of the Stumble Guys that are reflected in the X Win GamerZ Stumble Guys. However, you will be able to obtain the possible items of the game. The application allows you to use the night mode. It allows you to use background music. Indeed, the customization facility is also available for the players. Further, this application helps you easily interface the difficult challenges at your fingertips. Because it can survive in the game for a long time. The relief is getable to the players that boost your health in the game. Many more features are available that are available in the app.

What are the features?

Pinkymaster users can use VIP access to premium features of the Stumble Guys APK. In reality, these features are too costly in the original store of the Stumble Guys. But you can get and enjoy these features in this modified version. Most easily, you can grab the possible items of the game to use for defeating the pro enemies in the game. Battle points are present to use. Diamonds and coins will be added to your game when you start to play this mod on your smartphone. So why is this modified version most powerful to the Stumble Guys? So let’s check why to power this for a single player.

  • Characters will be added for your hero.
  • Outfits, skins, maps, and motes to you.
  • A customization system is available for players.
  • Clean environment for the players to use.
  • Several missions and tasks will be passed.
  • Climb up to the next mission and levels.
  • The swimming and moving navigate.
  • Variety of gaming weapons.
  • Collection of kits and clothes to use.
  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • No password and registration.
  • Mobile-friendly interface.
  • Good comp ability for both Android and iOS.
  • All the items in categorized for the players.


Pinkymaster is for the Stumble Guys players who can easily grab the wonderful advantages of the game for free. Because this application comes with many new added premium features. However, this modified version will allow you to get lots of items from the game. The app is free of cost to use and easy. So press the given download link to get the app right now.

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