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Nix Injector APK unlocks MLBB skins, cheats, and drone views for free.

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Name Nix Injector
Package Name com.nixtools
Category Injector  
Version 2.3
Size 9.0 MB
Last Updated June 19, 2024

If you are losing your interest in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang and you do not have sufficient items in the game? so here we introduce a piece of shocking news for all MLBB fans. After using this you can restart playing the MLBB with intelligent skills and powers. The Nix Injector honestly is exceptional such as the Zolaxis patcher which helps you can get free stuff of all sorts without paying any cost. For immediately, hundreds of ML Skins, background, effects, and also an interesting drone view of best qualities, it is Overall unbelievable at first stuff, yet it’s true.

Here we tell you about the Injector, a new ML app. All about its features exceed. It is a great tool and an A1 tool in cheats and terms and best qualities. You can also use Reborn Imoba.

What is Nix Injector?

The app Is an Android application that allows unlocking premium features of the MLBB game without any single penny. It is the easiest condition to have an unusual or updated app because some of the old tools vest as time and the internet. It helps you improve your MLBB game. so this is great and advances your game of MLBB, its app is always free of any errors to ignore complications. However, if you’re thinking due to your security about the app, then it is the test and share here on a gust account first. Initially, you will not be able to get any harm to your account. In this instance, you will be able to get it with worth and value. Screenshot of the app:


What are the key features?

It has the power to touch all parts of MLBB and takes superior overall injectors. So let me tell you the intro of each group.

Unlock Skin:

The new updated added of the app MLBB contains 414 skins. You can check it testify by opening the app. So you can get skins at the app for your game which is given below.

  • Mage
  • Support
  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Marksman
  • Assassin

Drone View:

The A1 drone view helps with will be crystal clear. Unlock drone view of X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7 ranges, it is working on the western and celestial with full efficiency. You can get the backup to the view of the original view with a single tap.

Unlock Effects:

The enjoyable effects follow in the place. Each contains various free items.

  • Elimination
  • Unlock Emote
  • Unlock Analog
  • Recall Unlock
  • Respawn Unlock
  • Map Unlock
  • Background

The last section, The Background, has choices for the lobby of the game, loading screen, and Profile. You can customize these options with beautiful different backgrounds. The available items in a specific section are able which means you can visible to get, so you will be able to see how many choices you need. For this purpose, it’s made easy.

what’s New in v1.81:

  • Work all maps
  • Bren Recall
  • Natan Hero
  • Add EUDORA Skin To Skin
  • Jawhead Skin To Skin
  • XBORG Skin to Skin
  • Miya Skin to Skin
  • Automatic Backup
  • Supreme Badge Backup
  • Fix Lancelot Epic
  • Guenevere Special
  • Lou YI Starlight
  • Add JESS No Limit Emote
  • Notification Kill effects
  • Fix Gord Legend Recall, Miya Legend Recall & Saber Recall
  • Add Granger Legend
  • Gloo Skin
  • Granger Legend Recall
  • Naruto Emote
  • Levi Emote
  • Brody Stun
  • Youzhung Collector
  • Paquito Epic
  • Chou Stun
  • Harth S15
  • YSS Starlight
  • Recall Full Backup
  • Fix Recall Hip-hop Boy Chou
  • Fix Drone View
  • Add Stun Elimination
  • Chou Stun Emote
  • Stun Recall
  • Esmeralda Hero Recall
  • Chou Painted
  • Hayabusa X Kakashi
  • Custom Background Backup

Features of the Key:

  • You can get the hundreds plus ML Skins for each character without paying a rupee.
  • The dark mode is in UL.
  • Pick a map, or tower bug, and fix the stuck screen.
  • Easy to navigate free.
  • This is new and suitable with the updated latest version of Mobile Legend Bang Bang.
  • Free of ads in this tool
  • Comfortable and small without difficulties achieving it.

What is the password of the Injector?

The Latest v1.83 is free of passwords, so you can get access it app on your Android without entering the password.

Last Words:

Nix Injector is one of the best to provide a lot of MLBB premium features to use free of cost anti-ban and free of advertisements. If you have any questions related to this app then ask me from the commenting box of this post, then I will answer your question very soon.

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