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Name ModBax FF Injector
Package Name com.jatodoshackers.returnsffh4v131
Category Tools  
Version 1.204.9
Size 36.8 MB
Last Updated June 12, 2024

Garena Free Fire Max is the 4th largest game around the globe. There are 1 million players that play this game on their smartphones. Yet, the game allows you to download a lot of servers to play the game. You are able to download and use the premium items of the game for free. Yet, the ModBax FF helps you inject almost all the premium items of the game for free.

ModBax FF is the trend new application that allows you to inject the different skins of the FF game. You can collect outfits, skins, maps, drone views, and effects with this app. This helping tool helps you defeat your game enemies at your fingertips. Besides, the players can easily win many victories in the game With FF Injector. Now get the free diamonds of the Free Fire Max game with zero cost.

What is ModBax FF?

In the market, many of the tools available for the players offer to inject the skins like Characters and outfits. Hence, the Border Injector is a free service that allows you to collect the most popular advanced features of the game. The app has diamonds for the players. Inside, the application you can grab the elements and paid items of the game at your fingertips. This application comes with packed new features of the Free Fire Max game. So don’t forget to take advantage of the game with this app.

What are the features?

ESP Menu

ESP stands for “Extra Sensory Perception,” and in the context of gaming, ModBax FF refers to an item that provides players with additional information or visual aids beyond what is normally available in the game. This can include features like seeing the positions of other players through walls, highlighting items, or displaying information about other players’ health and equipment.

Aimbot Menu

In the case of Garena Free Fire, an Aimbot would provide players with an unfair advantage by revealing the locations of other players on the map, even if they are behind walls or obstacles.


  • Bermuda: This is the original map in Free Fire and one of the most iconic. It features a mix of urban areas, forests, and open fields. Players often land in places like Clock Tower, Factory, or Peak.
  • Purgatory: Purgatory is a desert-themed map with a mix of dunes, villages, and ruins. It’s known for its open spaces and long-range combat.

Auto Headshot

Auto headshot is a term often associated with elements in shooting games like Garena Free Fire. It refers to an item that enables a player’s shots to automatically target and hit the enemy’s head, resulting in an instant headshot kill. This gives the player using the item a significant advantage, as headshots typically deal more damage and eliminate opponents more quickly.


Anti-ban is a term often used in the context of items in online games, including games like Garena Free Fire. An “anti-ban” feature or tool is designed to prevent or minimize. The risk of a player’s account getting banned when using Maps, and drone views. To gain an unfair advantage in the game.


A ModBax FF typically refers to a third-party tool or application designed to modify or inject various elements into the game Garena Free Fire. These injectors can provide players with a range of items, elements, or modifications, which may include, Skins, Injectors can unlock and apply different character skins, weapon skins, and other cosmetic items, even those that are typically only available through in-game purchases.

Characters and Abilities, Some injectors allow players to unlock and use characters and their abilities without earning or purchasing them in the game. Aimbot, Aimbot features may be included in injectors, which automatically aim at and target enemies, often with a focus on headshots.

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