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Name FreeStore
Package Name com.osamahqz.freestore
Category Tools  
Version 3.0.6
Size 4.9 MB
Last Updated February 25, 2024

Have you ever been shopping for an app? The search can be a bit frustrating because you have to look at a list of hundreds of paid apps that you have to pay for. You also have to look at the list of FREE apps that you have to download from an internet site that may not be trustworthy. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a new way of downloading apps. It’s called “The FreeStore APK” and it’s a new website that lets you download free apps from trusted developers.

The free store is designed to make it easy to find, download and install apps for your iPhone. It makes it easy to browse for apps, and it’s easy to search and sort apps by category. Best of all, the free store is free!

The free store is the largest and most trusted source for free app and game downloads on Android devices. With over 10 million downloads, it’s a free app and game site that has something for everyone. You’ll find the latest apps and games from big developers and small developers, as well as user-generated content that is free to download. On the other side you can check the ACMarket that alternative application to this appstore.

What is Freestore?

It is a special version of the original app that only allows you to browse the free apps. You won’t be able to download any of them. But, it does offer an excellent view of what the free market has to offer.

Free Store is a simple way to get and share apps and games for free. It lets you search through all the popular stores for your favorite apps and games. No more guessing. And, you can always download anything you like and delete it afterward. It’s easy. It’s fast. And it’s fun.

A free store is an app that you can use to download apps and games for FREE. But don’t be fooled, the apps are not FREE. They have to pay money just like any other app or game out there. It’s just that their prices are often free. You can also use it to get apps, games, and other media for free. without having to install anything. And you can search for and find new apps and games that you never knew existed!

What are the key features?

The freestore APK is one of the most downloaded apps on our website. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. can send ANYTHING to a friend for free. Even if it’s an entire magazine article or a complete novel. (It’s especially great for sending novels because you can send an entire book in an instant.)

2. You can get anything through this app.

3. There is no limit on how many free items you can receive.

4. You can send as many “free” items to as many friends as you want.

5. You can use your free items to purchase additional items (at any time) for a small donation to support the cause. For example, if you have 100 “free” pens, and you decide you want a different colored pen, you can send a small donation to help the needy person get the one color he or she wants.

6. You can create and manage as many “free bins” as you want. (A free bin is an email address you can send your free items to.)

7. You can send a maximum of 3 free items per day to each friend. This is important, because it keeps the stream free-flowing and, it prevents your friends from getting annoyed at having to wait for their gifts.

Is it safe?

You are probably wondering whether it’s safe to use free apps. It turns out the answer is… Yes. There are some apps that will make your life easier, and some that will steal your money. But it’s still safer to use them than it is to go to a website and download something for free.


The new version of FreeStore APK has lots of new features that will make it easier to organize and use your apps and downloads. This update also comes with the “Free App of the Day” feature, which lets you download an app from your Android phone or tablet every day for free. You can even share your favorite apps with your friends!

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