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Name Bay
Package Name com.rovio.battlebay
Category Arcade  
Version 5.1.5
Size 409.9 MB
Last Updated July 17, 2024

Bay APK is an online action game that will be playing challenge two 5 VS 5 teams to face the other ship battles. This amazing game was developed by Rovio, they are very famous Angry Birds games. Typically, this game is full of adventure and more fun for the players. The players can easily control the virtual stick located on the left side of the game. Here you need to fight against your opponents that will attack your character in the game. Similarly, this game is the most popular game that is very famous.

Bay APK has many enemies in the battle that attack your ships in the game. However, they also attack the advanced weapons and other crime items of the game. Further, they are pro-enemies. In which you need to protect your ships from the enemies. You can play this game with the weapons and other elements of the game. It is a very interesting game for the players. Moreover, you can modify your gaming characters as well. Hence, this game will provide you to play with 3D graphics and different locations.

Therefore, you can have a chance to get tons of weapons that you can modify according to your needs. You can choose the right ship if your first priority because the right ship will perform you the best gaming experience. Inside, the game you can fight with more power. This game has a variety of features for each player of the game. Besides, gamers can easily use all the advanced elements of the game without paying a single penny. It is the most popular and famous game to play. However, the Minecraft Pro APK is the best alternative work to this game.

What is Bay APK?

It is an online game where the players can participate to play the game with their friends. It is the best action-based game that can be played on Android and Tablet devices. Since this game will be able to download on Android 5+ devices. There are many challenges for the players. Players need to protect the ships that deliver the assets of the customers. Players can play this game to climb rewards and money. It has the best user-friendly interface to play.

Furthermore, Bay APK is the best game that provides you with the best gaming experience of online action games. It is currently developed and available here with multiple features. Each feature of this game performs as well. Well, you can use these game elements like customs and modifications to control the whole game. Besides, the players can easily win more matches with the help of this game Mod Menu. It has a good Mega Mod Menu for the players which is an additional part of the game. To get more rewards you can try this game on your mobile phone.

What are the features?

Bay APK has several features. This game allows to players customization in several ways. You can customize the avatars and weapons. There are multiple features that can be used in the game. Following are the characters and features of the game.

Customize Weapons

You can customization all the weapons of the game that are available in the battle of this game. Well, this feature is the most popular of this game.

Develop a ship

Bay APK has several features that are also famous for its own developed ship feature. It enables you to develop your own ship.


The game is full of fun. It has many challenges from the enemies that will attack your ship to climb it to own. However, you can fight against your enemies to protect your ship.

Online/Offline Modes

There are two different modes for the players. Players can play this game in the online mode and also can play this game in offline mode.

User-friendly interface

It has the best user-friendly interface for the players. Players can play this game with a user-friendly interface.

3D Graphics

You can play this game with the 3D graphics. It allows you to play the game with 3D graphics. It is the other best feature of this game.


In conclusion, Bay APK is an action-based online game. This game allows you to play this game with the multiplayer feature. You can enjoy this game with your friends. It has unlimited money for the games. Players can also get the coins of the game with their needs. It is the most famous game with its features. Inside, the game you can use this game multiplayer feature to enjoy the game with your favorite friends and family members.

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