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A compact version of the classic game with an open-world city to explore.


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Name GTA SA Lite
Package Name com.rockstargames.gtasa
Category Adventure  
Version 2.11.217
Size 2.7 GB
Last Updated May 27, 2024

GTA SA Lite is a new technology game where you have an open-world city named Las Santos. It is a crime simulator game, That supports Android smartphones. It is an ok version of GTA SA mobile and player can play this game on their low-end and high-end devices. The game you can download on your Android and tablet devices. However, it is an amazing game for those players who went to explore the whole world open city game.

Rock Star company is the most popular that launched many Android games. Nowadays GTA games are trending in the market. Inside, the Rock Star Company has GTA SA Lite which was recently released for its users.  There are good thing about this game is it provides you with many items such as Weapons, tanks, Trucks, Cars Bikes, and Racing cars to play the game with more fun and enjoyment. Luckily the game has the latest version available on our website that you can free download in just one tap on the given download button.

What is GTA SA Lite?

GTA SA Lite is an Android crime game that can be installed on your smartphone. There are countless things that you can’t do in this game. You are able to crash the cars against fight your enemies. The wonderful cities are available in the game. You can kill people through your cars and bikes. The game is interesting to play. You can play this game with your friends. There are several missions for the players.

The game you can play with a lot of characters like CJ has returned to his own hometown. The Los Santos to take the range of your mother from the killing people that went to kill her. However, this city is packed and full of crime and you are also involved in it. Furthermore, if you love to play this game missions then you need to play the amazing story of CJ to find the culprits behind her mother’s killers. And inside, you will be able to kill the maximum people of in the city.

What are the features?

The game has great themes to play. Besides, you can play the characters of CJ. You need to save CJ’s mother from the killers. Most of the game will be played in different cities and locations.


The good thing about this game is its gameplay for the players. You can play this game with amazing gameplay to enjoy your gaming experience with this new addition game. Moreover, this game is commonly used in GTA 5 Beta which you can grab on your phone to enjoy the best action game experience.


If you play this game, then you have a question about GTA SA Lite. Well, this game allows you to use the CJ character to save her mother from behind the killing. And also you can kill many people in the city.


There are a lot of new features for the players, so that’s one is a helicopter. You can fly with a helicopter and jets to move in the other location of the game.

130 Weapons

The app allows you to use the 130 weapons whose range is too high. It means you can kill people from a long length distance. Since it is the favorite feature of the majority of players.

Swimming in water and sea

If you need to swim in the water or sea then you can do it. Because this game added the swimming feature to its users. Now you can swim in water with the enabled swimming feature from the navigate section.


GTA SA Lite APK is the lighter version for Android smartphones. If you have a phone then you can play this game on your smartphone. The game comes with a lot of features for the users. If you want to use these features on your game to play this game with more power? If yes, then just hit the given download link and get this game on your phone.

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