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Name 94fbr PUBG
Category Simulation  
Version 2.9.1
Size 1.4 GB
Last Updated April 7, 2024

Battlegrounds Mobile India is also known as 94fbr PUBG Mobile APK, it is the most popular immersive adventure game in India. The players can play this game on several mysterious islands. This game is built with the traditional model experience of PUBG Mobile game. The game will be obtained with customizations and optimization to comply with the Indian government’s requirements and regulations. The game will be played with 100 players in a single match. There are multiple premium features for the players. Inside, the game you will enjoy its adventures with your friends.

94fbr PUBG Mobile APK game is the top ten game in India. There are a variety of Islands and materials for the players. In which you can take the weapons and other items to fight against opponents as well. Besides, the equipment of the game are most popular and useful thing to the players. It is the personal battle that has the ability to cooperate in creating connections and alliances together with friends. This game only puts the fights in the battle. The good environment of the game is also attractive to the players. The game comes with good graphics with 3D animations.

What is 94fbr PUBG Mobile APK?

94fbr PUBG Mobile APK is the modified version of the original PUBG game. When PUBG was officially banned in India in the past few years. Then the developers and Indian governments decided to provide the Battlegrounds Mobile India game for the players. Now this game is available with a fully modified version of PUBG Mobile APK. It has many features for the players. It allows you to use the Skins, Outfits, Kits, shirts, maps, drone views, emotes, battle points, diamonds, and effects for the players. Indeed, the players can use many opportunities of this game to more enjoyable their gaming experience.

It is an Android-based adventure game that facilitates to enjoyment and exploration of the magical worlds of the game. There are 10+ Islands and different locations for the players. The grounds and battlegrounds are also available to play the game. A lot of missions and levels for the players. You need to pass the level of this game to appear in the next missions. When you complete your mission then the chicken dinner also waiting for you, So that you can eat with your whole team. But there are many premium and lock features that you can unlock with PUBG Injector as well. It is also a good source to get the features of this game for free.

What are the features?

The multiple features of this game are also interesting to the players. 94fbr PUBG Mobile lets you use the anti-ban. It is a great game to play with friends. Also, you can send an invite to join your friends from around the world. Hence, the game allows you to use the lobby to take weapons and kits to play the game. This game will give you a lot of benefits to improve your gaming experience. This game will be comfortable for Android and tablet devices.

  • The large map is available to use in the game.
  • Equipment and weapons will be getable.
  • The game gives Player VS player shooting mode.
  • The battle royal mode is also available in the game.
  • Customs, maps, drone view, and locations.
  • Auto headshots will be added to your collection.
  • Mod Menu for all players of the game.
  • High-quality graphics with 3D animations.
  • Simple and easy to install and play.
  • Collection of worldwide characters.
  • Custom lobby and background music.
  • The big community of enemies.
  • Explore a magical world with different locations.
  • Smooth touch and single control for the players.


94fbr PUBG Mobile APK is the newest game in the market that is most popular in India. It is a modified version of the PUBG Mobile APK. However, it is a unique design game for the players. Now PUBG Mobile Players can enjoy the most benefitable premium features in this game for free. It is a free utility and useable game for Android devices. So let’s start to play the game by just hitting the download link to get the game on an Android device.

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