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Name XAPK Installer
Package Name com.xapkinstaller.imod
Category Tools  
Version 1.4
Size 11.1 MB
Last Updated June 28, 2024

Hey there, tech friends! Are you tired of the hassle when trying to install apps on your Android device that come with a .xapk extension? Well, say goodbye to those struggles because I’ve got some exciting news for you. There’s this super cool app called XAPK Installer that is going to make your life so much easier!

What Is XAPK Installer?

XAPK Installer is like a magic wand for installing applications with the .xapk file format onto your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s an amazing tool created by TarrySoft and guess what? You can download it totally free from places like Uptodown.com.

Why Use XAPK Installer?

Imagine having a bunch of fun games and useful apps waiting in line to get into your phone but they just can’t seem to fit through the door because they’re packaged differently – as .xapk files instead of the usual .apk files we all know and love. That’s where XAPK Installer comes in; it helps these awesome apps find their way onto your device without any trouble.

Here are some reasons why using XAPK Installer will bring smiles:

  • Easy Peasy: The app automatically finds all the .xapk files hiding on your phone.
  • One Tap Install: Just tap once, and voilà! Your new app or game is ready.
  • Space Saver: Sometimes, these special xapk packages include extra goodies (like OBB data) which means better graphics or more features in games!
  • Freeware Fun: Did I mention it doesn’t cost anything? Yep, zero dollars!

And don’t worry if you bump into unknown files along this journey; our buddy XAPK installer has got them covered too with its universal working style.

Extra Perks: OBB Installation

For gamers out there craving even more action-packed experiences – listen up! This application isn’t just about installing stuff easily; it also includes an OBB installer feature which extracts those bulky OBB service files right where they need be for enhanced gaming pleasure.

So next time someone sends over a game packed in one big xapk bundle complete with additional data folders needed for full-throttle gameplay—don’t sweat it—XapkapkInstaller w/ OBBOBinstall has gotcha back!


In conclusion my dear readers let me tell ya something—if ever faced down a daunting task dealing weirdly shaped. xapk files remember name “XAPK Installer”. Happy easy-installing everyone! 🎉📱

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