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Name Tivimate Premium
Package Name ar.tvplayer.tv
Category Entertainment  
Version 5.2.4
Size 12.6 MB
Last Updated April 29, 2024

Tivimate is a unique app that comes with premium features to use for free. It is an online TV streaming app that lets you watch the TV Channels. However, it developed IPTV Services to use for users. With this app, you can watch the live channels on your Android devices without any buffer or lag.  Tivi Premium APK allows you to watch live channels on your Android device.

You can watch almost all the live channels right now on your Android device. There are no ads and also no imitations with restrictions by any geographical. You can create beautiful playlists to add to the different live channels according to your needs. User-friendly interface to use with a lot of features for the users. The app has a good IPTV player to watch online live channels. However, you can watch a lot of new channels, TV Channels, sports, entertainment, music, cricket, and many more things on your Android.

To watch the live channels you just need to add the IPTV to your playlists. TiviMate APK provides HD quality channels that give you to amazing feel to the best experience of live TV channels. Without any trouble, you can watch the all channels in HD quality. For better streaming the app has good and best-optimized servers. This application is compatible with all Android versions. The app’s lightweight interface to good optimization. It is free of cost to use.

What is TiviMate APK?

Tivimate is the best and most famous online TV streaming app for Android devices. with this, you can watch live and the newest TV shows on your smartphone without any limits buffer, or lag. Now watch your favorite stuff in it you add to the playlist to watch anytime and anywhere. However, you can customize the interface of the app. Further, you can add the stuff In the front of the app according to your wish.  Hence, there are multiple and lots of TV channels available to watch online. You can watch all the TV Channels in HD quality of resolution. On this app, you don’t need to create an account to use on your Android. You just need to download the app right now to watch everything on live TV channels.

What are the features?

You can get subtitles for different TV channels and TV shows. With this helps you can know the plot of any show and channel. It is the modified version of the original app that brings you lots of premium features to a free watch. In this modified version you can watch Live TV channels in HD resolution. All the premium TV channels and TV shows are available in this app to watch. You can learn all the features of this app that are explored following.

Media Player

IPTV is a media player that helps you watch your live TV channels on your smartphone. However, it will be used to listen to the background sound of the live TV shows and much more content that you desire to listen to in the app.

Create and add playlists

TiviMate APK allows you to watch lots of TV channels online. However, you can add your watching content to the playlist that helps you watch them anytime and anywhere according to your needs. Further, this feature helps you easily add the IPTV player in this section for the best experience.

Watch online TV Channels

On it, you can watch the Live TV streaming channels without any lag and buffer. There are tons of TV channels available to watch for free. The good thing about this feature it enables you to watch premium TV channels and TV shows to watch for free of cost.

Listen to Music

There is a lot of premium music available to listen to. It is the third-party redeveloped app that comes with the mod version. In this mod version, you can listen to the premium music from the app platforms for free of cost.

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Safe and Secure

It is a trusted and highly secure app to use on Android devices. there are no bugs and errors to damage your data. The developers develop this amazing app with high-level technology. So use the app safely and securely according to your choice.


Tivimate APK is a good application for those people who want to watch online live TV channels on an Android device. If you are one of those people then you need to hit the given download button to download the app to watch the online live TV channels. It is the best-optimized app and good compatible with Android devices. However, you can stream the live channels across the globe. Furthermore, there are no limitations to streaming TV Shows and live sport-based matches.

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