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Name TapTap
Package Name com.taptap.global
Category Tools  
Version 3.29.0-full.100000
Size 57.5 MB
Last Updated June 12, 2024

Welcome to download TapTap. It is a good source to download and install Android third-party apps and games. The app provides you to download tons of apps and games for your Android smartphone. It allows you to update your out-of-date apps and games. The app was developed for those users that went to download premium apps for free. It has unlimited apps and games. Inside, the app you can upload your app or game for the users. It is a unique and safe source to download Android apps and games for your smart device.

The app doesn’t support any third-party ads. As a result, you can easily download your favorite apps and games with your fingertips. There are many users asking our team to provide a free source for downloading Android apps and games. When we research our user’s interests then we find the TapTap to safely and securely download apps and games. The app provides easy access to premium apps. In which you can download and install tons of apps for your smartphone. If you are a lover of apps and games and went to download them on your mobile phone? If yes, then you just need to download this app right now.

What is TapTap?

TapTap APK is the new app for Android users that helps they can easily download their favorite applications and games for free. It is an open source to download all-time favorite Androids apps and games. If you are looking for a platform where you can collect a huge number of third-party Android apps and games. Then this application is for you. It includes a variety of apps and games for download. On it, you can easily find out your favorite app or game by searching on them. To get the apps and games you need to click on the download button on this app to get the app right now.

It is one clicker app. It has many features for the users. On it, you can download your app or game with just one click. The app provides you to use a user-friendly interface. It contains the 1200000 games for download. Besides, the app gives you to download almost 1 million apps. The app is open source to get the needed apps and games. Even if you have any personal app or game and you went to submit to the best platform for more downloads then this app is also for you. Because this app allows you to submit your app or game without asking for money.

What are the features?

  • The app provides you to download 1200000 games.
  • Big collection of Android third-party apps like FikFap and much more to download.
  • Best bound to the developers and users.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface for the users.
  • Free of cost download and use.
  • There are no ads on the app.
  • The unique and top-rated app for the users.
  • 10 million active users in the app.
  • Without registration, you can use the app.

How to download TapaTap APK?

There are some points to easily download the app on your smartphone. The downloading process of this app is very simple. You just need to follow the following steps to download this app on your smart device. There are four steps to complete the downloading process of this app. So let’s check now, the steps are following.

  • First grabbing the download button.
  • Now it will appear on your screen on the download page.
  • Follow the download APK button and wait for some seconds.
  • Now press on the click here link and download the app on your Android.

How to update an app or game on TapTap?

This platform allows you to update your out-of-date app or game in the simplest way. You need to follow the instructions below to update your app or game.

  • First, check your app or game version on TapTap.
  • Now check your app version on your installed app.
  • If your app or game version is out of date then delete it from your device.
  • Now install the latest version of the app to update your app or game.


It is a summary that TapTap App is an open platform where you can download your all-time love apps and games. The app is trusted and secure to download apps and games. It has a big collection of third-party apps and games to download. The app doesn’t damage your data. Include that it is a safe and trusted platform for the users. You can submit your app or game on this app. This app contains 60 thousand game developers onboard. The app has 9 million game conversions per month. However, this app’s features make this app more popular.

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