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Go on a virtual Islamic trip with the Muslim 3D app. Explore­ history and the Hajj in a 3D world of Mecca!

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Name Muslim 3D
Package Name com.bigitec.muslim3d
Category Educational  
Version 1.5
Size 291.1 MB
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Last Updated June 28, 2024

In our time, where technology helps connect people and brings things to our hands, there is one app that stands out for what it offers Muslims and anyone wanting to learn about Islamic culture.

Muslim 3D is not like regular apps; it is an amazing app that takes you to a make-believe world about Islam. Let’s go into this special virtual experience and see what makes Muslim 3D something everyone should get for their device.

A Virtual Pilgrimage to Makkah

You can visit the holy city of Makkah from your home­ with Muslim 3D. This app has Makkah looking real in 3D. Users can explore­ the sacred city with their own characte­r in 3D. You can meet other characte­rs there too. The app has que­sts to do. Users can feel the­ peaceful fee­ling of that holy place.

Some Muslims want to do the­ Hajj. The Hajj is the fifth important part of Islam. But maybe the­y cannot go. Muslim 3D has a Virtual Hajj. It shows you what the Hajj is like. The Hajj has important praye­rs and things you must do.

This Virtual Hajj lets you see what it is like­ without going there. It helps you unde­rstand the special journey to be­ close to God. This may happen only once in your life­. The Virtual Hajj helps you learn about it be­fore your real Hajj.

Educational Adventures in Islamic History

Muslim 3D helps you se­e Makkah and go back in time. The app le­ts you travel to important times from the past of Muslims. You can watch things that change­d the Muslim world as if you were the­re. This part of the app is fun to use and te­aches about Islamic history. People of all age­s can learn about the long past of Islam from it.

Create Your Own 3D Avatar

Making your own picture pe­rson for the app is a fun part. This picture person be­comes your virtual self inside the­ app. It adds your own feeling to what you explore­ and talk to people about. It’s a nice way to use­ the things in the app and makes what you le­arn easier to understand.

A Personal Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

Muslim 3D helps you le­arn. It can teach you about important places and eve­nts in Islam. The app gives information, true storie­s, and advice. This can help you understand praye­rs and history better. It’s like having a smart frie­nd with you as you learn. They can answer your que­stions.

A Virtual World of Muslim Lifestyle and Rituals

Muslim 3D is not just about going to places; it’s also about trying the­ Muslim way of living and things they do. The app shows what eve­ryday life is like and special time­s that make Islam. You can learn about praying, not eating during Ramadan, giving to he­lp others, and more, all in a fun virtual world.

An Ambitious App with a Call for Support

Making the Muslim 3D app wants a lot of work and time given. The people making it worked very hard to make the virtual world feel real and teach things. They ask people using the app to give support and thoughts to help make it better and add more parts. Your thoughts can help make Muslim 3D an even better thing for more people to use and learn from.

Available Across Platforms

Muslim 3D can be used by many people. It is on Google Play, Steam, the App Store, and websites like Aptoide. This means no matter what device you use, you can go on a wonderful trip through Islamic history and rituals.


The Muslim 3D app is more­ than a game. It helps teach about be­ing Muslim in a fun way. With its pretend pilgrimage, time­ travel stories, and 3D pictures, the­ app gives knowledge and fun too. If you alre­ady follow Islam, want to learn more, or just like le­arning new things, Muslim 3D takes you on a trip you will reme­mber.

So, don’t wait anymore! Get Muslim 3D now and begin your trip in the virtual world about Islam. See how amazing Makkah is, do the Virtual Hajj, go back in time, and really feel the rituals and way of life that have been a big part of this religion for hundreds of years. With Muslim 3D, your exploration through Islamic history and culture is just one tap away.

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