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Name KGO Green Box
Category Tools  
Version 106_1.4.0
Size 23.8 MB
Last Updated June 12, 2024

If you went to multiple functionalities in your life to fulfill their wish without losing time and funds. Then you need to download KGO Green Box, which is one the top best multi-space app for Android. It allows you to create many accounts with your fingertips. It includes creating Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram. However, you can do it to each location calls require. The users went to utilize the several accounts in the single Android.  So those users can install this double and dual accounts multi-space app.

KGO Green Box App is an open source to create double accounts of the same applications. You can run the simultaneously two accounts in the same locations. Hence, this application is App Cloner and dual accounts. This application was made for those people who went to use two accounts on the same application. This application enables and allows you to manage multiple accounts in the simplest way.

Whatever, you went to use and manage the multiple accounts on your mobile. This application offers you to create a neutral digital space on your phone. You can get the virtual space through this application’s distinct home screen. It enables you to quickly switch your double accounts in the same tool. Many uploads and spaces are desired by the users. Moreover, this application is also similar to KGO Multi Space App which allows you to use the virtual space in your phone.

What is KGO Green Box?

KGO Green Box is a third-party Android-based application where you can manage your multiple accounts on the same tool. You can easily control many locations that include dual-account mode and much more. You can get access to several accounts duplicate and simultaneously for your needed application. The users can easily switch their two different accounts without having to reconnect and disconnect.  In the same tool, you can manage your dual accounts. If you went to run your two accounts and more in a single Android even the same tool, then this application allows you to run your two accounts.

It is the best control app that enables you to manage and utilize several accounts in Android. Inside, the application you will be able to save your storage and space. This application also offers you to use its multi-space on your Android. This application is very simple to use and to do the work. As well now you can use this application to grab the facilities of the manage different dual accounts on your mobile phone. Besides, this application is yet available for Android users.

What are the features?

It has a variety of features for the users. Users can utilize this dual account application on their smartphones. Furthermore, users can easily use multiple accounts on their smartphones. Moreover, users now can easily switch multiple accounts on the same app. Besides, you can optimize and create duplicate accounts on your phone without trouble.

Duplicate Accounts

In this application, you can easily create a duplicate account with your fingertips. However, you can easily manage your multiple accounts in the multi-space application.

Multiple Accounts

KGO Green Box enables you to create and use multiple accounts on the same tool. You can run YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on your mobile to switch anytime.


If you have no space to install this application on your mobile phone and also run other accounts on your phone. Then don’t worry this application allows you to use its multi-space feature to increase the space on your phone.


This application easily optimizes your multiple accounts in a single spot. Hence, you can control and manage your multiple accounts by using this application Optimization feature.

Free to use

You just need to download this application on your mobile phone. to download this application your need to click on the given download link. After that, you can use this application without paying a single penny.


It is a summary that, KGO Green Box is the best app to generate a few online accounts on Android phones. This application allows you to utilize the two separate accounts for your needed applications. This application allows you to use a few different accounts in the same application. Furthermore, this app enables to create and use the multiple social media accounts on a single app.

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